Tuesday, 7 November 2017



Over the years I've seen many beginner friendly digital audio workstations fall by the wayside. Cost effective DAWs have stopped making waves. Let's find out why Music Maker Premium has stood the test of time...


This 2018 version feels reassuringly stable, interface pixel residue is now a thing of the past, it feels like a DAW for ambitious musicians. Music Maker Premium has arrived with style! 

Testing further, some serious VST Instruments and effects were accessed through the interface and they presented no problem whatsoever. Sugar Bytes Factory, Cyclop and Looperator worked flawlessly! What will crash any solid DAW is poorly programmed free VSTs that can be found on various websites, MMP 2018 handled a lot of them well - I've amassed quite a collection over the years and a majority of them worked fine. Note hang is problematic on a few of these free synthesizers; you stop the track and the note or notes continues to sound. I found that when I had an issue with hanging notes it could be solved by stopping and starting the track several times. But MMP 2018 didn't crash! Or I had to switch the preset to another one, which tells me that there could be a fix by reducing the envelope parameters such as sustain (of the presets).  
So, you can use these free VSTs at a small risk that some could cause MMP 2018 to not function properly.
Oh, the one thing to be aware of is that VST Instruments with separate outputs won't work! You'll need another type of DAW that's aimed at professionals such as Music Maker's mothership, Samplitude X3. The VST Instrument in question happened to be a drum synth, but it's not a deal breaker as MAGIX provides built-in drum synthesizers such as the great sounding Drum Engine!

There's a great range of synthesizers and effects that comes as part of the package. With the instruments, you get to choose what's relevant for you, and there's an option to purchase more directly from the interface but they are unique to MMP 2018. Gone are the BeatBox and Robota drum machines, which is a shame as they were truly great. You could use your own samples to form some amazing custom kits in BeatBox! On the plus side you get Ozone Elements by iZotope, which adds to the mastering capabilities! 

The Soundpool is the MAGIX equivalent to sample loop vendors online. It seems that sample loop optical discs are a relic of yesteryear! MMP 2018 delivers one heck of an uppercut to the competition! You see, with many sample loop/beat vendors you'll find that many “collections” are sparse and incomplete - especially the ones from name producers/DJs/musicians. Not so with MAGIX Soundpools as they are the building blocks that can create enumerate tracks! Like the Instruments, the loops are varied from genre to genre: modern Electronic, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Classical, etc.

MMP 2018 has been executed with aplomb! There were no loose ends to speak of as with past versions. The little niggles that made MMP a little frustrating to work with are gone. The main offender we the interface hanging on the screen and some of the built-in instruments freezing and bleeding sound to the point where I'd have to reboot. 

Please bring back the BeatBox and Robota drum machines. Maybe it's time to update the mixer? I'm thinking more tone options: high, mid, low and sub. Plus some automation on the controls. Please allow for separate outputs on VSTs. 

I think that's it!

MAGIX Music Maker Premium 2018 has finally reached an irrefutable professionalism by cleaning up the interface and embracing the Internet as part of it. This is a great leap forward for the MMP concept. There is no other competing DAWs at the moment at this great for beginners yet very good for professionals level. 

Videographers will find MMP 2018 an absolute must have for soundtrack creation. 

DJs can create original mixes, sets and so on. 

Music Maker Premium 2018 is truly the business and scores an Electrochemy Platinum! Well done MAGIX!

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